Hello World

March 2, 2019 · One minute read

Hello World!

This is my first go at a website after having the thought of creating one linger inside my head for a few years in college. Being active on twitter, I saw the prerelease of this new top-level domain called .dev. Reading more about this top-level domain, I found out that to host a website it has to be https. I knew this was my perfect opportunity to finally launch my website and take a stab at putting out content publicly. My intention for this website is to form it into my cheat sheet/notebook, where I will write blog posts about different tools I am using, useful commands I came across, and some problems I ran into, with solutions of course. This website will always be in the works as I can continue tinkering with tech that excites me and taking pictures throughout my journeys in life.

For those wondering, this website is made up of a few cool tools that have made this process enjoyable and smooth.